How It Works

What is BUCKET LIST 127?

BUCKET LIST 127 is the place where you can find numerous great ideas to follow or create your own goals and organize their realization with many helpful tools.

It helps you become more organized and concentrated as well as brings focus to your life and makes it more interesting and happy.

BUCKET LIST 127 is available on any device: Web, IOS, Android.

How to sign up?

You can always sign up for BUCKET LIST 127 for free .

From the dropdown menu called “Join” you can connect to BUCKET LIST 127 with your accounts in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, or choose “Sign up” link for registration with your email filling out the form.

How to add a goal?

BUCKET LIST 127 contains many different ideas which you can choose from for you. For that you need only to visit “Ideas” page and start choosing and adding them by simply clicking “add” button.

Once you choose an idea it will be stored in your list where you can find it and get an opportunity to manage it with the help of several useful tools which will allow you to set a deadline, add location on the map, write notes, set a priority and add steps within the goal. You can make your goal visible or invisible for others too.

After completing your goal you can write your success story and fill it with videos and images.

How to create a goal?

Bucketlist offers opportunity not only to add existing goals but to create your own personal goals. Unlike adding a goal from the existing ideas on the website you can decide to create your own goals in case you don’t find any ideas here matching you.

You will get the same tools for working with your personal goals as in case of adding them from the website’s ideas stock. In addition you will get  an opportunity to offer your goal as a public for others to follow it if it meets criteria of the website.

You can also save and keep your unpublished goals in special place called draft, where you will be able to change them, correct or add something at any time before finally creating them. 

Who are Goalfriends?

Common goals connect people, therefore you and any other user or users become Goalfriends to each other as soon as you and they choose and add the same goal or goals.

Explore your Goalfriends’ Activity

You can always follow and explore your Goalfriends’ recent activities. When they comment on a goal or write a success story or make any other updates related to their goals you will always be informed in your Activity feed.