The phrase "Bucket List" originates from the idiomatic expression "kick the bucket", which means to die, to decease. For that reason Bucket List is a list of what should be done before you die. More specifically it is a checklist of what you want to see, try, do and feel in your life. And there is only one chance and that chance is your life.

In 1939 John Goddard turned 15 and that was the time when he made a list of well-defined tasks containing 127 goals. He dedicated all his life to achieving those goals. That list included such goals like exploring the Nile from source to mouth, climbing on the highest, most difficult and dangerous mountain peaks, researching cultures of small and extinct nations in impenetrable jungles, piloting jet aircraft and virtuosically playing several musical instruments.

Over the course of his life John visited 120 countries, described and studied lives of 260 primitive tribes, climbed on the 12 highest mountains of the world, crossed the 15 most dangerous rivers, conducted 14 big expeditions to the distant corners of the planet and set many different records. By the age of 87 John Goddard had achieved 114 of his 127 goals.

BUCKET LIST 127 represents the great tool that allows to create and organize your personal Bucket List. It is designed to be used both on desktops and mobile devices with Internet connection.

It makes your life more interesting and your visions clearer. Follow John Goddard’s experience and start making and bringing into life your Bucket List.