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Write a Song



It's not very difficult to write a song, you just need to learn at least one musical instrument. It's hard to write a good song. For it you must merge with the instrument you play, you must breath every word you sing, touch every note you take. It's the greatest hobby you can have.


Success stories

XCrossyX XMotoX

Nov 27 at 17:57 pm
high school stuff

Valentina Lomborg

Apr 08 at 05:52 am

Emelie Norrman

Apr 06 at 21:16 pm
Me, my sister and our bestfriend wrote a song to a show we wanted to be in.

Zoe Callesen

Mar 12 at 10:07 am
thunderstorm by Oliver and zoe

Amanda Wellbo

Feb 15 at 08:57 am
written plently when yonger

Eduarda Semba

Feb 11 at 18:44 pm
I love it

glitter dust

Jan 17 at 15:24 pm
used to write songs as a teenager

Gemma De Moel

Jan 14 at 23:48 pm
Year 9 music class with Kristy

Valene Joshua

Jan 14 at 22:47 pm
love songs...


Jan 03 at 01:55 am
Wrote some songs & poems after a breakup

Mira De Greve

Dec 30 at 23:51 pm
The song is called: every single day.

Ave Strate

Jun 25 at 06:05 am