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Write a Cookbook



Everybody loves my food.

Friends tell me I’m a great cook and that they would like to have my recipes. If I type it up once, I can print it a hundred times!

I need to get organized.

I’m tired of looking through 10 cookbooks, 5 drawers, a recipe card box, and under the refrigerator for all my recipes.

I want my mom’s ginger snaps to be enjoyed by my grandkid’s grandkid’s one day.

My uncle’s/grandmother’s/grandkid’s recipes need to be saved and enjoyed for future generations.

Feed my ego!

I have always wanted to have a cookbook published.

I need one more book!

My cookbook collection is too big, but I could pick out the recipes I like from all of them and then give the extra cookbooks away.

The handwriting is on the wall (and I can’t read it!)

I would like to take all those handwritten scraps I have in my recipe box and make them easy to find.

Reunion coming!

My family is having a reunion /wedding soon, and a cookbook of family recipes would be a fabulous keepsake.


My church / company / club / non-profit does such great potlucks, we should make a cookbook and sell it to make money for projects / supplies / charity / promotions.

Who wants to scroll with (literal) butterfingers?

The recipes on my computer are sometimes inconvenient to use, so I want a hard copy to refer to when cooking.

I need to save money.

I need inexpensive gifts to give for the holidays, and I can print out 10 cookbook gifts for under $10 each.