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Wear Colored Contacts Lenses



How cool would it be to be able to change the color of your eyes? This is possible with colored contact lenses. You can enhance your eye color or change it completely. Today’s colored contact lenses are more than just fashion accessories, they are a trendy way to improve your sight and have fun while doing it. You don’t even need to have your visions corrected to take advantage of colored contact lenses. You can find colored contact lenses which are purely cosmetic and offer no vision correction. This makes them easy and fun for everyone to use.


There are three main types of colored contact lenses; visibility tints, opaque tints, and light filtering tints. Each type gives you a different effect on your eye color. Visibility tints have a very light tint and only enhance your eye color. They are mainly used to make it easier to see and find your contacts when you are inserting them into your eyes. Visibility tints are usually worn by folks that need correction of their vision. Enhancement tints are solid tints, but darker than visibility tints. They will change the color of lighter eyes and intensify your current eye color. For example if you have light blue eyes, you may want enhancement tints to brighten and deepen your eye color. Enhancement tints don’t work on dark colored eyes. Opaque tints offer the most dramatic color change. If you want to go from brown to blue eyes you will need opaque tints. This type of colored contact lens lets people with very dark eyes change the color easily. Costume lenses are used to create very stunning changes in your eyes. Some of the more popular costume tines include cat’s eyes, leopard tints, and bright shocking colors. Tinted contact lenses aren’t necessarily considered colored lenses, but they are used to filter out the sun’s bright rays much like sunglasses. These are popular with athletes. Benefits of Colored Contact Lenses

One of the main benefits of colored contact lenses is the cool effect they have on your appearance. One day you can have bright blue eyes, and the next deep dark brown. They are also fun to use for Halloween or any fancy dress occasion. Colored contacts are also much easier to wear during sports than glasses and can offer your eyes protection from the sun. Colored contacts are very cool and if you like to switch up your looks, give them a try. Purchase them from a reputable vendor, such as your eye doctor, to make sure you are getting high quality lenses which are safe for your eyes. Have fun with your appearance and spice up your look with colored contact lenses.


Success stories

Chloe P

Mar 02 at 21:35 pm
I ended up having to do this for a modelling project that I was apart of, they were purple and I was having a full body makeover done, it was incredible in the end but I had to have my artist put the bloody things in for me!

hianna .

Jan 14 at 20:30 pm
Nach der Trennung mit Tobi hatte ich Zeit und Geld und konnte es in mich investieren. Als erstes habe ich mir im Sommer farbige Kontaktlinsen besorgt, die dann im Winter ausgetauscht wurden. ... Nun hatte ich schon 2 Paar(mit Pause) und kaufe mir bald mein 3. Paar Linsen (Circle Lenses)

anna cinneri

Jan 02 at 13:49 pm
having fun for new year!

Tiny Kid

Dec 18 at 17:00 pm
Wore colored contact lenses for a bit in April.