• The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Mahatma Gandhi

Watch a Real Madrid C.F. Match at Santiago Bernabéu



Why I love Real Madrid ?


Remontada means comeback. Real Madrid are a club known for making great comebacks, and people have to see just a week back to understand what I am trying to convey.

Being 2-0 down from the first leg against Wolfsburg, the Blancos needed to do what no other club has been able to in the Champions League era—overturn a 2-goal deficit without having the advantage of an away goal.

And they did it.


Being a Real Madrid fan is like riding a boat on the waters made of unpredictable waves. The erratic movements give no peace to the fans and after years of being under such circumstances, we have gotten used to it.

Such is the magnitude of our adjustment that we do not like it when things go too predictably. We get somewhat of adrenaline rush from the uncertain.

What exactly does unpredictability mean? In one sentence: selling Angel di Maria after his and the club’s best season. This is the type of things that happen at the club. No player or manager is ever safe, regardless of how well he does.

A feeling

If one has ‘reasons’ to love something, then that love is no love—at least not an everlasting one. The reason for making this claim is simple. Words have boundaries, love does not. Hence, using something as limited as words to describe something eternal as love is like trying to fit the sky in an empty glass.

Love is just a pure feeling. And nothing else. Feelings have no reasons, they can’t be styled in words. Take di Stefano as an example. He clung on to life and didn’t let go of it till he saw his dear love win its 10th European Cup.

This is love. This is feeling. This is Real Madrid!

Those little things that make you love Real Madrid even more...

  • The pride you feel when you see them play.
  • The grass stains on their white kits.
  • When Iker yells at the other players.
  • When Mourinho writes things in his blackbook full of secrets.
  • When Mourinho is finally smiling.
  • When Cristiano scores a free kick goal.
  • When Cristiano dedicates his goals to his son.
  • When Gonzalo Higuain gets on the pitch with his left leg.
  • When San Iker is red carded and Adan saves the day.
  • When Xabi Alonso doesn't shave.
  • When Crstiano Ronaldo names his son Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Zidane's goal. You know. That goal.
  • Cristiano, Marcelo and Pepe's celebrations.
  • Mourinho's poker faces.
  • Mourinho playing as a goalkeeper.
  • When you start saying "we win" or "we loose" instead of "they".
  • Sergio killing the Cup.

And finally

  • All the friendships made around the world because of Real Madrid!!