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Walk the Red Carpet



Six things to know before walking the red carpet.

  1. If you don’t have access to a mirror before you walk the red carpet, be sure to have someone discreetly check your teeth for food, your face for makeup smudges, and straighten out your clothing. There’s nothing worse than bright red lipstick on your front teeth or a skirt that’s travelled west-ward around your waist.

  2. Breathe. “The camera doesn’t lie”, so anxiety and fear normally read as clear as day on camera. The greatest favor you can offer yourself on the red carpet is to not forget to breathe.

  3. Rather than randomly darting your eyes from photographer to photographer, start from one end of the row of cameras and slowly move your eyes along the line to the other end. They’ll likely call out your name and try to catch your attention out of sequence which may make you a little jumpy, but stick to this line system and you will ensure that everyone gets a clear snap of you. In other words, you’ll seize your moment. This is particularly important if you are walking the carpet with someone else. If you follow no system then you and your red carpet partner will be most likely be posing for different cameras. As if with a partner in crime, allow your eyes to travel together along the line. Team work.

  4. Repeat: I am natural I am unique and the camera loves me.

  5. While it’s Ok to take a little bit of direction, don’t feel you have to do whatever the photographers tell you to do (“face me!”, “to the side!”, “chin down!”, “over here!”, “big smile!”, “bigger smile!”, “stand really close together!”, “look sexy!”). Remember, they’re just dudes with cameras who have nothing better to do that take pics of you.

  6. Don’t take it too seriously. People who see red carpets as if it is their “moment” usually look pretty stupid, and probably need to get a reality check. It’s really all quite silly (smoke and mirrors and all that) so have a sense of humor about it and roll with the punches!

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✔️✔️ Zurich Film Festival

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May 03 at 11:16 am
Red carpet to the car for our wedding. That counts doesn't it