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Visit Yreka



Yreka (wy-ree-ka) is a beautiful and unique small town located just south of the Oregon border in California. Yreka was founded during the gold rush era when in 1851, prospectors found gold nuggets in the roots of plants churned up by their pack animals. This discovery took place in present day "Discovery Park" in Yreka. The City was officially formed in 1857 and has become a hub for tourism, business and government in the area.


Yreka has a rich and diverse history. Fortunately, much of that history has be preserved so that we can enjoy it today.The city has over 70 houses that were built before the turn of the century, which you can see on the Historic Homes Walking Tour. Yreka also has the Siskiyou County Museum, Ley Station Fire Museum, and historic downtown Miner Street.


Yreka has 8 beautiful parks, the largest of which is Greenhorn Park. Greenhorn Park is located around Greenhorn Reservoir which was once the main source of water for the City. Now, however, it serves as the centerpiece of Yreka's most popular park and as a recreation area for fishing and boating. Amenities in Yreka's parks include hiking, biking, playgrounds, historic monuments, and play host to a number of public and private events throughout the year.


With more than 40 restaurants and cafes, most of which are locally owned and operated, Yreka can satisfy almost any craving. So if you feel like BBQ, Burgers, Pizza, Sushi, American, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican and more, stop by Yreka.