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Visit Yerevan



Yerevan’s café culture

As you walk through the wide marbled streets in downtown Yerevan, you’ll notice that the city has a rich outdoor culture. Small cafés line the main streets and side alleys down and around the city’s downtown. There is also the added bonus that you’ll find a lot of free Wi-Fi in the Armenian capital, making it a haven for bohemian artsy types sitting out in cafés working.

The Cascade

Opposite the opera lies Yerevan’s most avant-garde and striking monument. The Cascade is a large staircase towering above the city with stunning views of Mount Ararat from the top. You’ll pass modern sculptures and structures, making it partly an outdoor museum and partly a park. It also houses the Cafesjian Museum of Art inside the vast structure, turning it into a cultural complex as well as a key landmark.

Vibrant nightlife

In the summer, Yerevan comes to life. The streets and parks around the opera house become lined with outdoor pavilions and terraces. The city fills up with people at night to see live DJ acts in the park, one year Nicolas Sarkozy’s son came and DJ-ed here, fun fact, an there is always something to do. You’ll also find a number of trendy clubs and bars where you can party till dawn Yerevan style!

A city of culture

Yerevan is a city buzzing with culture, being home for 19 libraries, 5 museums and 3 theaters. While most visitors to Yerevan may spend most of the time outside of the city on excursions to Geghard or Lake Sevan, there is plenty to keep you occupied culturally in the city, like the Comtemporary Art Museum or the Yerevan History Museum. There are also plenty of exhibitions, film screenings, concerts and performances in the various festivals taking place in Yerevan, like Francophonia a festival dedicated to French culture, or the National Library Week.

A great base to explore the countryArmenia is not a big country, and Yerevan being more or less in the geographical center makes it the ideal base to explore. You can easily pop off to Lake Sevan or Khor Virap for the day, and Echmiadzin is practically in the suburbs anyway. Take a longer time in Yerevan and you can also go out and explore the rest of Armenia as well.

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Ruben Hakobyan

Jan 13 at 09:23 am
Best place in the world, most beautiful city.


Jan 12 at 14:24 pm
I was born here, it's the best place in the world.

Anush Avetiqyan

Oct 15 at 17:00 pm
I Love Yerevan!!!

Vazgen Manukyan

Sep 27 at 15:16 pm
I was born in Yerevan :)

David Karapetyan

Mar 04 at 21:56 pm
My Yerevan

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Jan 12 at 13:06 pm