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This home is decked out like a psychedelic explosion of colors and bowling balls.

Using countless bottles, tile mosaics, and more than anything, bowling balls, the private Florida residence known as Whimzeyland has taken two decades to cover its grounds with a non-stop explosion of color.

Florida artists Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda have spent the last 20 or more years turning their home and neighboring properties into flamboyant works of art. Originally known simply as the “Bowling Ball House” for the (now over 500) painted bowling balls littering the yard in various formations. Pyramids, stacks, and walls of bowling balls adorn the grounds, surrounded by a schizophrenic landscape of color created by the other works of recycled art all around. Gardens made of colored bottles, rainbow mosaic pathways, and bright ceramic sculptures abound creating an almost otherworldly atmosphere. Whimzeyland also features a small gallery where bowling balls decorated and donated by other artists are put on display for visitors to view.