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Visit Whaley House



San Diego's most historic and haunted home

Aside from housing the Whaley family, the home also served as San Diego’s first commercial theater, a general store, and the county courthouse. The house is currently furnished in tribute to the many functions it served before being turned into a museum.

What’s most unusual about the home is the numerous reports of hauntings by docents; visitors; and, yes, Regis Philbin. The Travel Channel’s “Most Haunted” show designated the Whaley House as the most haunted home in the United States.

Volunteer docents in period costumes are quick to point out rooms that are said to be haunted by Whaley family members who died in the home and others who were hanged on site.

San Diego Ghost Hunters hosts a Whaley House Museum Paranormal Investigation Tour on the last weekend of every month. Paranormal investigation techniques and tools are utilized throughout the tour, which provides access to several roped-off rooms. It’s clear that the Whaley House is well-known for its paranormal sightings and reports; the museum even charges more for evening admission to visitors hoping to leave a little bit shaken.


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Feb 07 at 19:03 pm
took my husband here for his birthday the first year we dated