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Visit Washington DC



Almost everyone think that Washington D. C. is only for politics. They are wrong.


The city boasts 11 of the 19 Smithsonian Museums, including the National Air and Space Museum, Museum of National History, National Museum of American History and so many more. The best thing about them? Admission is FREE! Not only that, the exhibitions inside are world class. To be honest, you really don’t even need to be big into history to appreciate everything that’s going on inside. Another museum that’s well worth a visit is the International Spy Museum, which does charge and admission fee of about $20 but features the most international espionage artifacts ever placed on public display (if that’s your kind of thing).


From burger joints to food trucks to pizza to fine dining, D.C. has something to suit any palate (and pocket!) Special mentions go out to ‘We the Pizza’ in Capitol Hill, ‘Pesce’ in Dupont Circle and if you’re really feeling fancy pants, ‘Marcels’ on Pennsylvania Avenue or ‘Charlie Palmer Steak’ on Constitution Avenue for some of the most expensive but probably some of the best meals you’ll have in your life!

Getting Around

The city of DC itself isn’t huge and the Metro system is excellent, which means no neighbourhood is out of reach and you won’t be sitting on a train for an eternity to get to where you want to be. Getting to and from the airport to the city is also a doddle, whether you’re flying into Dulles, Reagan or Baltimore.


Georgetown in itself is a reason to visit D.C.! The small university town is like a breath of fresh air outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, with views of the Potomac River and more shops to stroll in and out of than you can shake a stick at. Be sure to stop into the Georgetown Bakery, home of the TV show D.C. Cupcakes and Ri Ra Bar for a drop of whiskey after all of your shopping. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also rent kayaks/boats from the Key Bridge Boathouse and paddle along the river (just not after the whiskey…)

Sightseeing Tours

If there was ever a city that you should do a sightseeing tour in, D.C. is definitely it. Grab a two day trolley tour pass and hop on and off at all of the attractions you want to visit, including Capitol Hill, The White House, The Lincoln Memorial , the National Archives as well as all of the museums. As well as that, you’ll come away with some tidbits of knowledge about the capital that you just wouldn’t find from going down the ‘do-it-yourself’ route. If you’re not so down with history, there’s also the ‘D.C. and Movie Sites Tour’ where you’ll visit sites from Forrest Gump, Bones, The West Wing, Wedding Crashers with even a bit of House of Cards thrown in for good measure!


Success stories

Cheryl Butler

May 20 at 19:09 pm
Went on a solo trip May 19-23 2018!

Sunitha Eswaraiah

Jan 01 at 12:56 pm
Washington DC

Jennifer Hartman

May 18 at 18:47 pm
Wonderful experience!

Ava Hollingsworth

Apr 17 at 08:17 am
VERY FUN with mom, dad, me, mia and audrey!

Caitlin Breen

Mar 14 at 04:50 am
2011 with Dylan.

Jessica Peragine

Mar 07 at 03:01 am
Visited the spy museum, Smithsonian and the capital house

Aimee Bishop

Mar 06 at 14:52 pm
Only went for a weekend and didn't get to do much. Going back this year and will hopefully get to see more.

Cherie Stratton

Mar 05 at 11:05 am

morgan Schilke

Feb 20 at 04:57 am
Went here for my 8th grade graduation trip!


Jan 09 at 07:03 am
I visited Washington with my family and visited many major monuments. It was a wonderful vacation and I'm hoping to revisit someday.

Erin O'Brien

Dec 30 at 05:25 am

Shannon Kokkonen

Dec 29 at 08:30 am
8th grade trip

Stephen McIntosh

Dec 26 at 17:38 pm
four days as part of US trip

Stephanie Crank

Dec 25 at 22:32 pm
went for a leadership camp. was absolutely amazing and I am definitely going back!

Kate S

Dec 16 at 14:17 pm
3 times now

Pınar Kiran Camlica

Nov 26 at 06:38 am

Shawna Liddy

Oct 30 at 22:06 pm