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Visit Versailles, France



Courtyard of fragrances

Inaugurated in late 2013, this elegant 17th-century courtyard, a stone's throw from the palace's entrance, houses a small museum, gourmet café, three outstanding boutiques, and extensive gardens, all with a perfume theme.

La Maison des Parfums charmingly illustrates the history of fragrance and Versailles's role in transforming French perfumery into an art form. The museum features scent buttons, lighted displays, and a gurgling fountain of orange-blossom-scented water (Louis XIV's favorite). After 30 minutes, you'll feel like an expert.

Potager du roi

A five-minute walk from the palace, near the lovely Quartier Saint-Louis, sits the Potager du Roi. Originally the king’s kitchen garden, Potager du Roi offers up a tempting display of tender spring asparagus and sun-kissed summer fruits. Still cultivated using 17th-century techniques, it is now a world-famous gardening school harboring ancient, rare, and endangered species of fruits and vegetables, many of which can be purchased here, along with confitures, honey, and other handmade delicacies from the gardens.

Versailles academy of equestrian arts

Headed by Bartabas—founder of Zingaro, the world's most spectacular equestrian circus–ballet—this is one of the few places that teaches equestrian choreography and dressage (along with fencing, dance, and traditional Japanese archery).

L'opera royal

Completed in 1770, just in time for the wedding of Marie Antoinette and the Dauphin of France, the Royal Opera is considered by many to be the most beautiful in Europe. A veritable sea of gilding, trompe l'oeil, and glistening chandeliers, this intimate opera house dazzles the eyes as well as the ears. World-class opera performances, orchestral concerts, and recitals benefit from "the exceptionally warm and lovely acoustics," according to Ryan Brown, conductor and artistic director of the Opera Lafayette, one of the many important companies to perform here.

Jeu de paume

A must-see spot for French history buffs, the Jeu de Paume is the site of the famous Tennis Court Oath. Signed by the Estates General (precursor to the French Assemblée Nationale) in 1789, the pledge signaled the start of the French Revolution. Although tours in English are not available, busts, artifacts, and a large painting on the court's north side movingly depict the momentous occasion.


Success stories

Lyse Marie

Dec 19 at 22:49 pm
this was one of the greatest opportunities I had ever been given. when I was 16, my school when to Paris and Madrid.

Kyla Kemp

Dec 18 at 10:35 am
beautiful really

Natalia Uscategui

Jun 18 at 01:56 am
Went with EF college break in 2016.

Sandra v. d. Linde

Jun 12 at 04:31 am

Pablo Jarrin

May 30 at 22:26 pm
not so spectacular but enjoyable with friends

Tina W

May 12 at 22:32 pm
Visited Versailles with one of my best friends. Pretty impressive

Robert de Saint-Loup

Apr 15 at 01:11 am
Visited with my school, and several times alone or with friends.

Siru Wallin

Mar 24 at 04:26 am

Michelle Eide

Feb 07 at 08:13 am
I did it!

Bambi Traoré

Dec 31 at 03:06 am
Avec Dong

Vesa Koivunen

Jun 07 at 19:13 pm
Paris yes, but...