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Visit Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium



Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic music festivals held in the world, taking place in Belgium.

The festival takes place in the town of Boom, 16 kilometers south of Antwerp, 32 kilometers north of Brussels, and has been organized since 2005. Tomorrowland has since become one of the most notable global music festivals. Approximately 400,000 people in total are estimated to have attended Tomorrowland 2014.

Tomorrowland has won several Best Music Event awards.

Consistently rewriting the rules of what makes the perfect electronic music festival, Tomorrowland is the ultimate experience of extravagant stages with an equally decadent lineup unmatched by other electronic and dance events.

Globally celebrated DJs, producers and artists take over Boom in Belgium on 15 marvellous stages of magic, with past decorations ranging from active volcanoes to explosive butterflies.

All flavours of electronic music are to be tasted, all the way from techno to minimal, and Tomorrowland's site design feels like you have stepped into another world of endless possibilities.

Selling out almost instantly every year, Tomorrowland welcomes thousands of dedicated electronic music fans as they journey from all corners of the world.

Access to the festival is only possible if you have a valid Tomorrowland Bracelet registered on your name.


Success stories

Yent'l Tilleman

Dec 29 at 01:55 am
It's my new happy place! That sunday I found happyness, peace and felt in love! ❤️ Looking forward to next time! Tomorrowland, see you soon!

Lea Hermanseder

Jun 27 at 19:05 pm
When I am eighteen, I want to go to Tomorrowland festival.❤️☺️