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Visit the World Through Wooden Eyes



This collection of historic puppets honors centuries of the craft.

The dramatically named The World Through Wooden Eyes is a collection of puppets, masks, toys, prints, and books which have been amassed over the last fifty years by puppet-master, director, and designer John M. Blundall. Blundall’s collection focuses on the long tradition of puppetry on a global scale, featuring examples from ancient Japan, India, the New World and Continental Europe including the famous “Punch and Judy” marionette traditions. The museum places a specific emphasis on the theatrical nature of the creations, essentially espousing that the artistry of the puppets cannot be understood without a performative context. To this end, the “Ideas Store” as the collection is also known, not only provides workshops on the construction of puppets, but also stages historical performances. The World Through Wooden Eyes is an impressive collection for fans of puppetry and history, but it may be terrifying to visitors with pediophobia (fear of dolls).