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Visit the St Andrew's Cathedral, Glasgow



The remains of St Andrews Cathedral, which was Scotland’s largest cathedral and most magnificent church, show how impressive it used to be.

The museum houses an outstanding collection of early and later medieval sculptures and other relics found on the site, including the magnificent St Andrews Sarcophagus of Pictish date. The precinct walls are particularly well preserved.

St Rule's Tower, in the precinct, is part of the first church of the Augustinian canons at St Andrews built in the early 12th century. There are splendid views from the top.

Tickets are available for the cathedral or there are joint tickets for the cathedral and St Andrews Castle.

The grounds are accessible to visitors using wheelchairs although help may be needed to cross foundation stones. The primary display of carved stones in the visitor centre is accessible but there are four steps to the shop and a further four steps to the secondary display of post reformation grave stones. St Rule's Tower is not suitable for visitors with physical disabilities.

Very occasionally the property has to close at short notice due to adverse weather conditions or other reasons out with our control.