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Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh



Founded in 1670 as a “psychic garden” for the purpose of growing medicinal plants, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is, after Oxford’s, the oldest botanic gardens in Britain.

Nowadays, the RBGE is one of the largest botanic institutions as well, the herbarium housing about three million living specimens and preserved plants, a humongous core collection which represents at least one-half and possibly two-thirds of the world’s species of flora.

With its 72 acres of unusual landscapes and scenery, the RBGE was edified both as leisure gardens and for scientific and educational purposes. With botanical delights from the rock garden to Victorian glasshouses, orchids and cryptogamic plants to the Chinese hillside dotted with pagodas, pond and waterfalls, an afternoon spent strolling the vivid alleys of The Royal Botanic Garden will delight one’s mind as well as raise awareness of nature’s fragile biodiversity.