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Visit the Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum



Prestongrange is a free, family friendly open-air museum on the site of a former colliery.

With both indoor and outdoor sites, it is a great place to visit no matter the weather. Today the industries of Prestongrange are silent, but once this compact area was the hub of a dynamic, successful and integrated industrial complex. And indeed, much of its story lies at the core of Scotland's Industrial Revolution.

Coal was first mined here 800 years ago and by the nineteenth century, mining had supported salt-making and the manufacture of bricks, clay-pipes, soap, fine pottery, chemicals, beers and even glass in a complex of integrated industries. Remnants of these former industries can still be seen today. Highlights include the rare Hoffman Kiln built in 1937 and a 19th century Cornish Beam Engine. The engine is unique in Scotland as the only beam engine still on the site where it worked!

Take a look inside the building in which the historic Beam Engine resides and explore one of the key sites of Scotland's Industrial Revolution. Discover the stories of these industries and the people who worked in them with a guided or audio guided tour around the site. The last brick-making operations closed in the 1970s and since 1993 the site has been in the care of East Lothian Council Museums Service.

In the Visitor’s Centre there is a children’s corner, with toys and activities, and outdoor games for when the sun is shining. The Pithead Canteen is our cafe which once served the miners, although it has been revamped since! There are hot/cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks available. Check the website for information on exhibitions and children's events which are held throughout the season.