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Visit the Penrhyn Castle Railway Museum



Set in the extensive stableblock of Penrhyn Castle, the Industrial Railway Museum houses a fine collection of historic locomotives and wagons including originals from the Penrhyn Quarry Railway and the Dinorwic Railway.

Discover the different steam engines and trucks that helped to transport everything, from the quarrymen to the colliery wastes, and made mining easier.

Among the many fascinating engines, the museum displays 'Fire Queen' a 4ft gauge 0-4-0 coupled and 'Charles' a 1ft 10¾in. 0-4-0 saddle tank, probably are the most famous engines on display. Alongside a wide range of rolling stock, you can also explore these following locomotives:

• Haydock – a standard gauge 0-6-0 side tank engine

• Hawarden – a standard gauge 0-6-0 side tank engine

• Vesta – a standard gauge 0-6-0 side tank engine

• Beckton No1 – a standard gauge 0-4-0 well tank engine

• Kettering Furnace – a 3ft gauge 0-4-0 saddle tank engine

• Watkin – a vertical boiler 0-4-0 locomotive

• Ruston – a 2 cylinder Diesel engine

The 1ft 10¾in. 0-4-0 saddle tank Hugh Napier is currently undergoing a complete re-build in Boston Lodge on the Ffestiniog Railway. Based at the Industrial Railway Museum, it will go on tour through North Wales initially, so it can be seen at different locations.

Throughout the year there are special events on which you can explore the exciting collection of railway memorabilia of the nineteenth and twentieth century that are exhibited within the magnificent walls of Penrhyn Castle.