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Visit the Louvre in Paris



Five reasons to visit Louvre in Paris.

  1. It’s ONLY JUST the most renown museum in the world.

  2. The Mona Lisa. You’ll fight your way through a mob of tablet loving, must do anything to get a shot of and with Mona Lisa, tourist. But, hey, you would have seen the world’s most famous painting, right?

  3. People watching. Because the Louvre is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, it make for one of the best place to observe people. Especially in this digital age and time where people are constantly documents everything they are doing.

  4. The marvelous architecture. The Louvre is a fortress, a palace, and museum whose various styles reflect the city of Paris’s evolution throughout the years.

  5. You will not run out of things to see. You’ll get tired, yes. But with over 35,000 works of art and almost any type of art you like, you will continuously be engaged.


Success stories

Martin Riess

Mar 09 at 20:16 pm

Saida Bouhmidi

Jan 12 at 04:40 am

Stephanie Kraewinkels

Jul 28 at 12:27 pm
School trip

Bach Van

Jul 28 at 08:54 am
With School Exchange Programme

Elisabeth Brugman

Jul 03 at 18:06 pm
It was very impressive to see the Mona Lisa from 1 km distance

taz c

Jun 04 at 13:53 pm
great experience!

Sandra v. d. Linde

May 24 at 22:25 pm

Gabby Cabeo

May 24 at 16:46 pm

Hannah Cummins

May 24 at 14:08 pm
with Anton

Emma Vermeulen

May 22 at 23:02 pm
really so beautiful !

Jennifer Cruz

May 21 at 10:46 am
did it

Kim Funnell

Apr 28 at 22:59 pm
contiki tour europe

slim shady

Apr 28 at 18:33 pm
Dreams come true

Robert de Saint-Loup

Apr 15 at 01:13 am
I would like to say I know every Greek and Roman work in that museum but it is sadly still not the case. It's not like I haven't tried though.

Jasmin Dana

Mar 29 at 11:52 am
Paris trip 2016

JongMoon Lee

Mar 29 at 02:28 am
it was amazing

Siru Wallin

Mar 24 at 03:56 am

Tamara Berends

Mar 13 at 01:56 am
So beautiful!

Hazel todd

Mar 12 at 23:42 pm

London Leopard

Mar 12 at 09:09 am
the queues were long

Shannon Frederick

Mar 08 at 03:13 am

aude guivarch

Mar 06 at 22:34 pm
I saw the "Joconde"

Guilherme Borges

Mar 05 at 12:50 pm
I made a 20 hours connection in Paris and I went to Louvre.

Pilar Uría

Feb 28 at 07:00 am
Paris 2016 with Dodi, Jojo and Oreo


Feb 26 at 12:44 pm
On my birthday!

mellanie mol

Feb 20 at 19:58 pm
crazy babe #travelcouple

Joy Hindse Pedersen

Feb 17 at 18:54 pm
Mona Lisa is smaller in person!

Gwendy Van Ginderen

Feb 17 at 09:23 am
A few days ago, we visited the Louvre. Now only the museum

Michelle Eide

Feb 07 at 08:15 am
I did it!

katie adams

Feb 06 at 06:48 am

annabelle king

Jan 20 at 21:17 pm
Most beautiful place I've ever been to

Gabby Boxall

Jan 18 at 17:22 pm
With ailish

Carly Radford

Jan 14 at 00:55 am
Paris for my birthday

Pre Kaur

Jan 03 at 21:25 pm

Kim Hellin

Dec 26 at 10:55 am
With Mum

Maëlle Biron

Dec 26 at 00:51 am
Avec Papa et Maman

Jennifer Cruz

Dec 24 at 18:52 pm

Daiana Muniz

Dec 17 at 00:23 am
I coudnt get in, i was late!

Angee Armstead

Jul 06 at 16:04 pm
The Louvre is the world’s largest museum and houses one of the most impressive art collections in history. The magnificent, baroque-style palace and museum — LeMusée du Louvre in French — sits along the banks of the Seine River in Paris. It is one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions.

Astrid Svendsen

Jun 19 at 19:59 pm

Aracely Gomez

Jun 05 at 06:15 am
Went for 15th birthday