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Visit the Kelburn Castle



Kelburn Castle in Scotland is a stately home whose original structure likely dates from before the 13th century. It is thought to be one of the oldest castles in Scotland to have been continuously occupied by the same family — the other being Dunvegan Castle — and its original Norman Keep (which was built primarily for defense rather than comfort) is now enclosed within a larger home that was completed around 1581.

In June 2007, after learning that the entire concrete facing would need to be replaced, the open-minded family invited Brazilian graffiti artists to paint the large section of the castle that will eventually be replaced. Painted by artists Nina, Nunca, and the duo Os Gemeos (“Twins” — which the two artists, in fact, are), the contrast between the 16th-century building in the woods of Scotland and the 21st-century urban Brazilian graffiti creates an eccentric and delightful visual landscape. In 2009 the building suffered from a fire, but suffered only minor damage.

You can visit the Kelburn Estate between Easter and November second, and the graffiti is expected to stay on the estate for at least a further while until the estate can raise the funds to have the concrete refaced.