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Visit the Holy Land Experience



The Holy Land Experience was born in the heart of a Jewish believer named Marvin Rosenthal. In 1989 he came to Orlando, purchased property on the I-4 corridor to world famous theme parks, and began to put his vision to work. God had given him a two-fold purpose: to proclaim the Gospel to as many people as possible; and to help believers have a better understanding of the Judaistic roots out of which Christianity grew. Toward that end, the Holy Land Experience was born. The park opened February 5, 2001. It exceeded every expectation.

The next major event was the opening of the Scriptorium on August 17, 2002. It features the Van Kampen Collection of Biblically related artifacts. It is the fourth largest assembly of such rare items in the world. Some pieces are over 4,000 years old. Ancient scrolls, manuscripts, and early printed editions of the Bible make the Scriptorium a vital part in accomplishing the goal and purpose of the Holy Land Experience.

As time passed, a declining economy and inability to advertise nationwide caused the Board of Directors to consider selling or closing the facility. Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), was looking for property to build a broadcasting studio in Central Florida. When they heard of the circumstances, they contacted the Holy Land Experience about purchasing the property. It was a perfect fit, for the goals of both ministries were so similar. In June, 2007 TBN purchased the Holy Land Experience. Under the direction of Dr. Paul and Jan Crouch, the park began to flourish. Beautiful gardens and landscaping, statues, and a host of additions brought the park to life. New dramas and musicals were developed with an emphasis on presenting the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ. The current chapter of the history of the ministry is the addition of the Church of All Nations, a magnificent 2,000 seat auditorium. It will enable us to expand our production of dramas and presentations.

God truly is blessing the Holy Land Experience, and now you can become a part of that history by visiting us and be a part of this most unusual means of proclaiming the Good News. To the glory of God, the story, and the history, continues.