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Visit the Harley-Davidson Museum



The Harley-Davidson Museum is a North American museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The museum contains more than 450 Harley-Davidson motorcycles and hundreds of thousands of artifacts from the Harley-Davidson Motor Company's 110-year history. The museum attracts an estimated 300,000 visitors annually.

The museum starts by introducing the entrepreneurs— Harley and Davidson brothers—who first created the company in 1903. And from that year on, it features one motorcycle for every year so you can directly witness how the motorcycle has evolved. Pick up the self guided audio tour for even more details on the motorcycle’s evolution. You’ll learn about the role of motorcycles in WW2, and how they went from being a necessary part of transporting goods in the early 1900s to more of a leisure and fun form of transportation in the 1950s. You’ll also get a glimpse of motorcycles’ influences on pop culture and movies, including Arnold’s motorcycle from The Terminator and the Easy Rider motorcycle. The museum incorporates fun movie clips, which really highlight how Hollywood developed motorcycles along with the image of rebels and outlaws.