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Visit the Grampian Transport Museum, Alford



A living museum of transportation in Scotland's north-east lets visits climb aboard historic vehicles including automobiles and public transport. The museum is located in a former carriage shed beside Alford rail station, with the addition of a custom-built exhibition hall for safely housing transportation exhibits, another for large automotive objects, and a specially-made road circuit.

Climb on board a 19th century travelling chariot, see a striking Sinclair C5 tricycle, or an MGA twin-cam roadster. See motorcycles including a Scott Squirrel, and a Solex motor-assisted bicycle. Public transportation exhibits include about 20 buses from a 1930 Albion to the very first 'bendy-bus' in Britain.

There is much more than just historic (and futuristic) vehicles to see; there'a collection of models and miniatures, motoring signs, motor parts and accessories, plans and drawings, surveying equipment, and a wealth of automotive photographs.

See railway equipment including an iron-wheeled trolley, old railroad timetables, prints of old locomotives, railway worker's gear, and model locomotives. See old motoring magazines and books, how-to manuals and early motoring photographs.

The museum doesn't just look at the past; it examines the present and the future of transportation.