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Visit the Fairy Pools



Scottish culture is chock full of naturalistic Celtic myths and legends, talking of magical beings living under hills, and waters filled with beasts large and small. Despite modern progress, the Fairy Pools in Carbost, Scotland still embody that sense of magic in their unbelievably blue waters and secluded walls.

Accessible only by a foot hike through the Glen Brittle forest, the series of small waterfalls that make up the so-called Fairy Pools are some of the most pristine swimming holes in the world. The turquoise waters of the natural pools are so clear, one can readily see each moss covered stone at the bottom. There does not seem to be any one legend attributed to the site, other than for the fact they look like part of a J.R.R. Tolkien set piece, but their name has endured since their discovery. The waters of the Fairy Pools might be bone-chillingly cold, but their near supernatural atmosphere has made them one of Scotland’s most enduring natural wonders.