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Visit the Fairy Glen



The Fairy Glen isn’t one of The Isle of Skye’s most popular attractions—in fact, it remains quite well hidden—but it’s completely enchanting. The bumpy, off-the-beaten-path spot stands out from the surrounding farmland. The natural rock formations, cone-shaped hills dotted with ponds and scattered waterfalls are all within one small area, making it seem as though it’s the shrunken version of a large-scale geological wonder.

Though there’s no definitive folklore linking the land to the magical realm, some say faeries created the dramatic landscape and still dwell within its many crevices. It’s no wonder; the whimsical otherworldly landscape looks just like the kind of place you’d expect to find faeries. The Isle of Skye is, after all, rich with faerie lore. However, the unique geological formations are actually the result of a landslip, similar to the one that created the nearby Quiraing.

It’s easy to spend a morning or afternoon wandering among the cluster of hills. The grassy glen’s natural colors are especially vivid on a sunny day. Visitors can take their time climbing the mounds or snapping photos of the stone designs tourists tend to create (though they’re not nearly as impressive as the more permanent rock spiral). The best vantage point is from the top of Castle Ewan, the natural rock formation that resembles an ancient ruin. A steep, narrow trail leads directly to the top, but it does involve a bit of scrambling.