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Visit the Elevated Acre



Amidst the bustle and noise of the Financial District hides a secluded garden oasis above the city streets.

In a city where space is at a premium, there remains hidden away a lush garden of solitude, known to only a very few. Remarkably this pleasant, quiet meadow can be found in the jostling streets of the busy Financial District in Lower Manhattan. Or more specifically, above it!

The Elevated Acre is precisely that; an acre of meadow, delightfully designed gardens and plants elevated above the city streets. Its entrance is fairly anonymous, an escalator at 55 Water Street, set back from the sidewalk. Currently surrounded by construction, passersby will often overlook it. But if you venture up the escalators you will find the marvelous Elevated Acre.

The secretive urban oasis features a lawn, an amphitheater, a summer beer garden, winding paths of Brazilian hardwood, spectacular views of the East River, Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge, and above all, pleasant solitude. This elevated one acre park is one of Manhattan’s most relaxing secrets.