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Visit the Cat House



Exotic feline breeding compound and conservation center.

Taking care of so many animals is a huge undertaking, with a large chunk of the staff’s time spent keeping the cats engaged and entertained. Among the tools to keep the cats amused are giant “boomer” balls, swimming tubs, truck tires for swatting, logs for scratching, and meat or mice frozen into ice cubes for the cats to gnaw on. The cats also enjoy such stimulants as ground allspice (similar in effect to catnip) and giving them herbs like rosemary and gourds provide sensory and taste stimulation for the curious felines.

Open to the public and nestled near the historic Tropico Mine and Willow Springs Raceway, visitors are given the chance to view these unique and beautiful animals very close up in a quiet setting.

Visitors can also feel good about supporting an institution dedicated to the conservation and breeding of these endangered animals and for every dollar donated, “94 cents goes toward our breeding, research, educational outreach programs as well as upkeep and improvements around the center,” according to the center’s website. The EFBC was recently rated in the top one percent of all non-profit charitable organizations in the United States.