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Visit the Bunny Museum



"The Hoppiest Place in the World" holds the world’s largest collection of bunny memorabilia and is a singular testament of a couple's devotion to all things Leporidae.

For Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski, their love for bunnies is a constant reminder of their love for one another. So what innocently began as an occasional bunny-related gift exchange between two partners, eventually led to a collection of over 30,00 bunny items.

From floppy ears to cottontails, Candace and Steve have been celebrating their love for bunnies — and each other — by exchanging bunny gifts every day since 1993. The private collection is on display in their home, which doubles as the museum and appropriately features bunny-themed lawn decor, light fixtures, and furniture.

To get a sense of how far they have lapped their nearest competitor, the Guinness Book of World Records certified them as the biggest bunny repository back in 1999 when they had 8,437 pieces — less than a third of what they have now. The Bunny Museum also includes an extensive bunny-related puzzle collection, eight large-scale Rose Parade floats, and live, litter-box trained cotton-tailed pets who roam about the house. Though a number of the pet bunnies have passed away over the years, several have been preserved and are immortalized in a glass display cabinet. More are in the process of preservation.

The “hoppy” couple have future plans to move the museum to a larger space, and, to honor their everlasting love, refuse to sell or split the collection in the event of their death.

Their museum (and home) is open to the public but by reservation only. Open Houses are every holiday. Guests are encouraged to bring fresh vegetables for the pets, though carrots are not accepted, only because every visitor used to bring only carrots, and real bunnies need a variety of fruits and vegetables.

It’s the hoppiest place in the world!