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Visit the Armagh Public Library



One of the oldest libraries in Ireland, Armagh Public Library was established in 1771 by Archbishop Robinson.

In addition to the Archbishop’s personal library which contains 17th and 18th century books on a wide range of subjects, there are many rare and valuable books such as incunabula, first editions, and illuminated manuscripts. In July 2015 ownership of Armagh Church of Ireland's Cathedral’s Historic Music Collection was transferred to Armagh Public Library.

The Library is also an accredited museum and holds prints, ancient Irish artefacts, gems, coins, as well as other objects. The collections are on view, both in the Library's Long Room and in No 5 Vicars’ Hill, the former registry. We regularly hold exhibitions based on our collections and visiting exhibitions.

The book collection is kept alive with current acquisitions on the following subjects: local history (Armagh City and county), church history, St. Patrick, and Jonathan Swift. Carved in stone above the Library’s public entrance is the original Greek inscription, meaning ‘the healing place of the soul’ and we still aspire to this message!