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Visit Tannen's Magic Store



New York's oldest magic shop

Just a few of the items you can expect to find at Tannen’s Magic Shop: Invisible paint, multiplying billiard balls, “pure smoke,” the “Emperor’s Orange Box,” and hundreds of versions of rabbit producing hats, magic canes, dice and cards.

All are conveniently divided by—what else?—type of magic: cigarette magic, coin magic, dove magic, knife magic, and so much more.

Tannen’s Magic Store is New York’s oldest operating magic shop has been supplying magicians with tricks and style since 1925. Having sold items to nearly every famous magician for the last 90 years, the guys in Tannen’s know the tricks of the trade—literally: If you have any reservations or are simply curious about a product, and they’ll happily demonstrate its uses for you.

If perusing the store makes you want to be one of those famous magicians, they also offer magic camp and classes. The store’s new location at Herald Square is also right down the hallway from the Flosso-Hornman-Martinka store, where Harry Houdini used to reside as president.