• The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes. Marcel Proust

Visit Switzerland



The Matterhorn

You’ve seen it on boxes of chocolates and calendars (and possibly in an amusement park, too!), but visiting this mountain in person is something truly breathtaking. The Matterhorn is recognized around the globe as the proud symbol of Switzerland. Standing at a staggering 14,692 feet, it challenges mountaineers worldwide and welcomes less energetic visitors as well, to enjoy its tranquil beauty. Whether you’re traveling in the winter or summer, a ride on the Gornergrat railway from the village of Zermatt takes you to the starting point of an unforgettable tour that’s focused on the legendary mountain.

The Waterfalls

An inspiration to poets and painters, Switzerland’s waterfalls are among the highest and biggest in Europe. Goethe and Byron wrote about the Staubbach Falls in the Bernese Oberland, just one of 72 spectacular falls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. In the same valley are the mysterious Trümelbach Falls, which are inside the mountain, but open to visitors. The largest waterfall is the Rhine Falls, where you can take pictures from the top. If you dare you can even venture through the mountains and visit the waterfall at night!

Mountain Adventures

Visiting the Swiss mountains is a must, and now you have the opportunity to ride high for a low price. Many of Switzerland’s peaks are accessible to visitors by cable car or cog railway. If you purchase a Swiss Pass, you benefit from a discount off the price of most trips. You’ll be able to see and experience Swiss mountaintops like never before.

Winter sports

What kind of guide would this be if we left out winter sports? The breathtaking mountains not only attract poets and painters worldwide but also daredevils looking for thrills. The chic resort of St. Moritz in the Engadin has twice hosted the winter Olympics—and rightfully so, with 217 miles of ski pistes, the Cresta run skeleton track, and the oldest bob run in the world (which is constructed every year of natural ice). Spending any amount of time here, where the action is endless, is the perfect athletic getaway.

Swiss products

If it’s your first time in Switzerland, the question isn’t—where can I find a Swiss watch, but rather, which one should I choose? Swiss watches are crafted with ingenuity, precision, and quality, and as far as competitors go, Switzerland crushes the competition. Swiss watches are sold pretty much everywhere, but specifically in the Watch Valley in western Switzerland you’ll find a particular acumen for the various brands. Whether it’s a souvenir or the treasure of a lifetime, a Swiss watch means something to everyone.


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Christine Kangah

Oct 08 at 11:21 am
Not all country

Siru Wallin

Nov 03 at 00:35 am
On the road trip

Claire Nguyet

Aug 31 at 16:27 pm
I went to Switzerland with my husband for honeymoon in 2016. We had a wonderful time staying at a house at Grindelwald, appreciating the Alps every morning. We loved it so much. Wonderful memories for us.

Anastasia Kinderman

Aug 05 at 15:03 pm
Spent three weeks there this year.

Janka Mozova

Jul 25 at 21:59 pm
Roadtrip v kvarte

Bucketlist127 User

May 10 at 00:53 am

Cristina Mylroie

Mar 21 at 05:26 am

London Leopard

Mar 12 at 09:04 am
I went to Geneva and Zurich

Pablo Jarrin

Feb 20 at 23:13 pm
Very rich country, and expensive by the way

Ana Bessa

Jan 29 at 18:52 pm
For me, it's a beautiful country :) I was born there, but unfortunately I have to move when I was younger. getting back for Xmas was amazing.

T Mano

Dec 24 at 23:25 pm
with fam

Vazgen Manukyan

Aug 11 at 09:23 am
I like Swiss and I visited it couple of times.