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Visit Sweden



Swedish Style

In some ways, visiting Sweden feels like walking right into a fashion or home-decor magazine. There are no boring outfits on the streets of Stockholm, and the care with which houses, cottages, cafes and public spaces are decorated and kept up throughout the country is truly inspiring. But Swedish style is never too showy; form and function are tightly linked in this society known for valuing moderation, practicality, order, simple lines and clever designs. Whether you decide to shop for your own versions or just enjoy the scenery, it’s hard not to fall for the cool aesthetics of this place.

Vikings & History

Ancient rune stones poke up out of the grass in parks all over Sweden; huge stone-ship settings and unobtrusive burial mounds are almost as common. Walled medieval cities and seaside fortresses are regular stops on the travellers’ circuit. Viking ruins and the stories surrounding them are very much a part of the modern Swedish landscape, and it’s easy to feel as if you’re walking through history. In fact, you are.

The Sami

The northern part of Sweden is home to the indigenous Sami people, whose traditionally nomadic lifestyle is built around reindeer herding. Sami culture, including handicrafts, homes and villages, methods of transport and style of cooking, is one of the many things a visitor can become immersed in while spending time in Lappland. Don’t miss the chance to learn about this unique group of people: spend a night or two in a Sami reindeer camp or take a dogsledding tour. If you’re on a more limited schedule, have a meal in a Sami restaurant or pick up some handmade Sami woodwork or leather goods to take home as a souvenir.


Truth be told, the best thing about Sweden is its natural beauty. To really appreciate this country’s charms, you have to leave the city behind. Whether that means sailing across an archipelago to visit a lonely island or trekking along a kingly trail through the northern wilderness just depends on your preferences – why not try both? Hiking, camping, cycling, skiing, boating, fishing and foraging for mushrooms and berries are all major Swedish pastimes, and it’s easy to get in on the action from just about anywhere in the country.


Success stories

Milena Petkova

Feb 14 at 02:18 am
I am even living here right now and it is awesome! i love Uppsala :))))

Charlotte VDV

Jan 13 at 13:39 pm
I went on a roadtrip in southern Sweden.

hanneke vdwolfgunnink

Dec 30 at 19:35 pm
holiday with parents and brother

Mathilde Mølgård

Jan 25 at 13:54 pm
1 dags tur med Kia

Siru Wallin

Nov 03 at 01:41 am
So many times.

Saz Kamal

Sep 09 at 13:48 pm
Been there a few times

Johanna Rytkönen

Apr 18 at 19:23 pm
Last summer

Dan D

Feb 13 at 19:21 pm

Martine Lundemoen

Jan 28 at 18:15 pm