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Visit Southernmost Point of the USA



A monument marking the idea of reaching inaccessible places.

Rather, it claims to mark the southernmost point. The qualifier “continental” before United States is required because Hawaii is actually further south than Key West, but aside from America’s 50th state, there are actually several islands further south technically belonging to the state of Florida. Beyond that, there are points on the island of Key West proper which lie further south than this monument, most notably within the Key West Naval Air Station, which is situated on the furthest land south for obvious strategic reasons.

The Southernmost Point monument, however, offers an easy destination to reach for a photo and a story, even if the claim is technically untrue. The site of the monument has contributed to the development of several Southernmost-themed hotels, inns, restaurants, bars and gift shops along South Street, radiating a robust tourist economy as a byproduct of making someplace fascinating and difficult to reach accessible to the common tourist.


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Tori Roggen

Mar 08 at 03:36 am
Drove past with Captain Will!