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Visit Six Rivers National Forest



Six Rivers National Forest encompasses over one million acres of land, four counties and six rivers.

The Six Rivers is best known for recreation, and outstanding fishing. Whitewater rafting on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers along with kayaking on the Smith River are providing visitors exciting water recreation opportunities.


You can experience the solitude of the wilderness or enjoy camping near others in developed campgrounds. Camp in densely forested woodlands, in open meadows, discover secluded flats along river banks or enjoy panoramic views of the majestic mountains.

Developed Campgrounds Amenities

Fire rings and/or stoves and tables
Vault or flush toilets
Drinking water (unless otherwise noted)
Showers are available at Panther Flat Campground
Parking for two vehicles
Approximately 2/3 of these sites are on the reservation system. Other sites and campgrounds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
There is a 14-day limit 
Pets on leashes are permitted

here are many diverse types of plants, fish, and wildlife to be found in the National Forest, and for those looking for solitude, the are four wildernesses that lie within, or partially in, the Six Rivers National Forest: Siskiyou, Trinity Alps, Yolla-Bolly and North Fork. More than 360 miles of Wild, Scenic, and Recreation Rivers are in the Six Rivers National Forest

The Forest incorporates: extensive stands of conifers in rugged, mountainous settings, and moderate amounts of grassy glades in the southern half. Elevation ranges from near sea level on the west to just under 7,000 feet along the eastern mountain crests. You will find about 1,500 miles of permanent streams, which supply about 9% of California's total runoff, in the Six Rivers National Forest.