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Visit Sequoia National Park



Sequoia National Park seems magical as a traveler will be mesmerized with the beauty of the giant trees. Everything here is big. Big canyons, big trees. The park lies side by side with Kings Canyon National Park in the southern Sierra Nevada, east of the San Juan Valley.

Sequoia National Park is a wonderland that offers stone canyons, towering domes, and flowing rivers. Its name was derived from the "earth's largest living things" that is used to refer to Sequoiadendron giganteum, or giant sequoias, Visit Sequoia reports.

Sequoia National Park Weather

When visiting Sequoia National Park, a traveler must first check the weather and temperature before heading for a tour as it may vary significantly. A tire chain is required for periods of early fall until late summer. During winter and when traveling in higher elevations, people must wear thick and protective clothes. It is always handy to check the present trail and road conditions as well as campground information, and ensure that you understand the visitor's guidelines, NPS GOV reports.

Sequoia National Park Things To Do

There are lots of things to do in the park depending on the season. Day Hiking gives the locals and tourists the opportunity to wander and discover the beauty of sequoia groves. There are also overnight wilderness trips, museums, cave tours, snow play, horseback riding and more.

Best Time To Visit Sequoia National Park

The perfect time to visit the place is during Spring through Fall. A cross-country skiing and Snowshoeing activities are happening from December to April. Throughout the year, the Generals Highway remains accessible to the park, according to Travel National Geographic.

Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience of seeing giant Sequoia in the virgin forest in California. It is the only place in the world that features glacier-carved canyons, limestone caves, and more.