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Visit Scotland's Secret Bunker



A nuclear bunker built to shelter the politicians and important people of Scotland in case of nuclear attack.

Had there been a nuclear war, this is where Scotland would have been governed from. The Bunker was part of the ROTOR system of bunkers around the UK, the first one being designed in 1949. The ROTOR project was an enormous effort to update Britain’s radar cover after WW2. It consisted of many sites with huge underground bunkers to withstand conventional bombing. Many of these sites were taken over when they became obsolete in their radar role as refuge for local governments.

The bunker is now a museum of cold war artifacts, but each room should be taken with a pinch of salt, as most of the stuff is recreated and often slightly inaccurate. There is a superb collection of military vehicles from around the world and the UK’s only Russian anti-aircraft missile. There’s also a display of Nazi memorabilia for unclear reasons.