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Visit Ruins of King Zog's Estate



An abandoned Gold Coast-era mansion once intended for the exiled ruler of Albania, who never arrived.

King Zog, born Ahmet Muhtar Bej Zogolli, ruled Albania from 1925 to 1939, first as president and later as king, before he was forced to flee Albania with his family following invasion by Italian forces. Zog, by that time, was no stranger to attempts on his life, having reportedly survived over 55 assassination attempts during his relatively brief rule, including a 1931 attempt in Vienna which established him as the only leader in modern times to return fire on his assailant.

According to ScoutingNY, Zog had planned on turning Knollwood into his own personal micro-kingdom, complete with Albanian subjects, but somehow these plans never materialized. By 1955 the property had fallen to disrepair and was sold to Lansdell Christie who had most of it demolished in 1959. Today curious hikers can explore what remains of King Zog’s would-be palace on what is now part of Nassau County’s 550-acre Muttontown Preserve.