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Visit Riverside, California



Riverside Is A College Town Melting Pot

U.S. News & World Report ranks University of California, Riverside as the 5th most ethnically diverse school in the nation and the 15th most economically diverse school in the entire nation—55th overall among the country’s public universities.

Smog Is An Ongoing Battle

The Riverside area is referred to as a “smog belt” because of the serious air pollution, and City-Data reports the city’s Air Quality Index as significantly worse than the U.S. average. However, Riverside isn’t giving up easy, and has made efforts to combat smog by extending the mass transit system and shifting the bus fleet to natural gas, as well as encouraging individual citizens to sponsor new city trees.

Riverside Is The Land Of Khaki Pants

Even in golf-enriched Southern California, Riverside stands out. The Oak Quarry Golf Club was named the 2013 National Course of the Year by the California Golf Course Owners Association, and other courses are extremely popular too, like the Canyon Crest Country Club, Jurupa Hills Country Club and The Victoria Club. Basically you can’t swing a...well, a golf club without hitting a golf course in Riverside.

Easter Morning Is One Big Party

Mount Rubidoux is a popular tourist destination year-round, but it really “springs” into action when the March equinox rolls around and becomes the site of the oldest outdoor non-denominational sunrise Easter service in the United States. Everyone’s welcome, so bring your friends, if they’re really early-morning people.