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Visit Poland



Poland is budget friendly

Visit Poland is dirt cheap. When I visited Cracovia, I stayed in a hostel that cost me $7 USD a night. It was clean, beautiful, comfortable, well located, it included breakfast and they even did my laundry, for free. The food is cheap and the public transport too. Even though they are part from the European Union since 2004, they have their own currency, the zloty. Actually, this country is so cheap —and pretty— that the only reason why I don’t move there is because of the language. It’s very taught. I learnt to say “thank you” in polish and I used it several times, until a pole told me that actually I was saying “penis”.


Apart from breathtaking natural landscapes, Poland owns a list of sites of outstanding cultural importance to the common heritage of humanity, declared by UNESCO. For example, the historic centre of Warsaw was totally devastated during the II World War and later was reconstructed with loving care for historical detail. Another place protected by UNESCO is the historic centre of Krakow. From there is quite easy to visit the salt mines of Wieliczka and the concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, which I think it’s a must to see, not as a tourist spot but to understand one of the darkest hours of the twentieth century.


Poland’s history is as old as tragic. Its strategic territory was coveted by the surrounding empires and it was shared in different occasions by Germany, Russia, Austria, Sweden and Turkey, among others, to the point of total dismemberment of the country, in the eighteenth century. For all of you that enjoy learning about history, Poland is a country not to be missed.


The polish cuisine is a mixture of slavic, german, hungarian, austrian origins, among others. After the partitions of the eighteenth century, polish cuisine was influenced by the culinary traditions of the surrounding empires. It is high in fat and includes a lot of meat and spices. Meals are somewhat heavy and very strong, ideal for cold european winters. Also, eating in Poland is cheap, very cheap.

Polish people

Poland was among the countries that suffered the most during the II World War, having their cities destroyed and their people enslaved (slavic) or killed (jews) during the conflict. But the poles maintain an admirable dignity and they have never victimized. On the opposite, they are the friendliest people I met on my trip to Europe in 2012. If they don’t speak english, they will do everything possible for you to understand them and they will try to help you. In general, all poles I have met are brilliant conversationalists and are highly educated. Among the most notorious poles in history, there are Ryszard Kapuściński, Frederic Chopin, Nicolaus Copernicus (in polish Mikołaj Kopernik), Marie Curie, Joseph Conrad, Roman Polanski (son of polish immigrants), etc.

Success stories

Chloe P

Dec 19 at 23:26 pm
I visited Poland on a four day long trip with my Secondary School when I did history. You may have already guessed the point of this visit, to see Auschwitz. Although I appreciate the trip and I do not regret going I would still like to go to Poland again, this time to see hope as well as the tragedy. Which is why you may see I've added go to Warsaw in my to-do.

Hilal Yeken

Dec 05 at 23:22 pm
a very nice trip with a bunch of friends, krakow had a sentiment of its own, very nostalgic

XCrossyX XMotoX

Nov 27 at 00:36 am
my country

Siru Wallin

Nov 03 at 00:34 am
A positive surprise

Pablo Jarrin

May 30 at 22:28 pm
I will come back

Jeanne desilets

Apr 28 at 00:16 am
Krakow July 23 - Aug 5, 2013.


Feb 26 at 12:41 pm
Jan 17-19 2017

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Feb 06 at 06:50 am

Sara Concini

Jan 25 at 00:31 am

Emma Dane

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