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Visit Petersen Automotive Museum



Once strictly off-limits, this lower level housing curious and priceless vehicles of the Petersen Automotive Museum is now open to the public.

Known as “The Vault,” the subterranean parking site was closed to the public from when the museum opened in 1994 to late 2012, when the museum started to offer regular tours to the public. (Before, only VIPs and those who snuck inside could see the off-limits Vault.) It contains vehicles that have been rotated out of the museum exhibitions, or have never been on display at all.

The Vault looks like the world’s most eclectic and pricey parking garage, and includes 150 vehicles such as a Mercedes-Benz that belonged to Saddam Hussein, President Clinton’s golf cart, an imposing 1925 Round Door Rolls-Royce that was once doomed to a New Jersey junkyard, a working mobile barber shop designed by car customizer Joe Bailon, and a shiny 1957 Jaguar that was owned by Steven McQueen.