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Visit Paris




It’s difficult not to get caught up in the romance of a visit to Paris. Wandering around the Left Bank by the Seine, or exploring Montmartre, makes it easy to soak in the atmosphere that makes Paris one of the premier honeymoon and getaway locations in the world. Going out for an intimate meal, or exploring the city’s arrondissements on foot makes Paris a memorable experience for any couple, while creating an atmosphere that is hard to not be taken in by.


Paris is arguably the European capital of art, and is defined by both the size and the importance of the Louvre, as well as by the Musee d’Orsay, and the many boutique shops and small galleries around the city. With too much to take in on a single trip, many simply head straight to see the Mona Lisa, or stick to exploring the Louvre.


A few days in Paris can mean taking in a diverse range of locations, as long as you’re prepared to put in the travel. The bohemian atmosphere of the Left Bank and the Latin Quarter is distinct from the glossier, high end fashion of the 8th arrondissement, as well as the business district of the 2nd arrondissement. A trip can take in a few of these places, or can focus on exploring a particular arrondissement in depth.


Paris is well known for its shopping experiences, with designer brands like Armani and Luis Vuitton well represented, while fashion and bargain hunters can search the city’s extensive flea markets and vintage shops. The city is also defined by the variety of the centre of the city, and the chance to venture out into the outskirts of the centre to the Cignancourt Flea Market on weekends.


You’d be hard pressed to find a more gourmet city in the world than Paris, from luxury restaurants like Le Meurice and Maceo serving up world class cuisine, to the street markets and quality of the everyday food. Key spots such as Saint Michel are recommended for outdoor markets, while every visitor should try some of the bread and pastries of the many boulangeries around the city. In this way, it is always possible to eat well in Paris, even when travelling on a budget.


Success stories

Mája Zunová

Nov 06 at 20:55 pm
Visiting Paris was one of my biggest dreams since I was a little girl. In September 2015 I was so lucky that I could spend few days in this amazing city full of life ❤️ So grateful.

Sargis Gevorgyan

Dec 21 at 08:00 am
Visit The Louvre to see the Mona Lisa and so much more.

Madeleine Davtyan

Jan 16 at 22:32 pm
When I visited Paris first time in 2010, I was very seduced by this beauty and lightness. And after my visit I had a dream of coming back again 2 times: once with my mother and the other with my love. In 2015 I realized part of my dream, I discovered its beauty with my mother. It was wonderful!! And now I hope to be able to also realize the second part, I do not know yet when, but I am sure that the dreams come true. Anyway I will come back!! Run the risk of living your dreams!!!

Alexandra Ramos

Dec 12 at 02:33 am
Visited Paris with my parents awhile ago.

Lee Bachelor

Jun 03 at 00:48 am
I went with my daughter Ashlee in 2006. My favourite thing was visiting Jim Morrisons grave in Pere la chaise cemetery.

Félicia Appiah

Jan 01 at 16:16 pm
In 2009, my boyfriend and I actually spent our very dreamy Christmas in Paris. We went to see the Tour d'Eiffel, ate garbage hotel food and gorgeous French whine. It was all topped off with a stroll down the fairt-like illuminated streets. I felt like some sort of a princess at the time. Would deffinitely do it over again in a heartbeat!

Blandine Tual

Dec 15 at 01:59 am
love this city so much

Harriet Harding

Nov 13 at 00:52 am
Went to Paris on a charity event.

Maxime Colardyn

Nov 11 at 22:15 pm
Favoriete stad

Sabrine feelingismy

Jan 06 at 23:41 pm
I went to my friend's appartement

Ellie Rose

Jan 06 at 19:09 pm
Visited twice one with a best friend!


Jan 04 at 23:14 pm
2nd in France, visited many museums and looking forward to visit more.

Pre Kaur

Jan 03 at 21:29 pm

Chantal Van de Kolk

Dec 24 at 23:00 pm
high school


Dec 21 at 21:32 pm
French group trip

Pilar Uría

Feb 28 at 06:49 am
With boo, jojo and oreo ☺

Eline Sophie van Dam

Feb 27 at 21:41 pm
Going there next summer yesss

Lyn Shackleton

Feb 26 at 20:52 pm
An amazing honeymoon

Yasmin Llevada

Feb 26 at 06:35 am
w the folks

Rebekah Heale

Feb 26 at 02:16 am

Chantal Barber

Dec 31 at 17:01 pm
grade 11 Europe trip. Want to go again though

Antonis Demetriou

Dec 24 at 23:45 pm
Many times

Daiana Muniz

Dec 17 at 00:22 am
I love it!

Eugene Swee

Nov 29 at 17:24 pm

Nuno Neves

Nov 23 at 22:44 pm
It's true. Was my first trip!

Kimberley Ann

Nov 07 at 14:11 pm

Ruben Hakobyan

Sep 16 at 15:34 pm
It was wonderful,

Saida Bouhmidi

Jan 02 at 18:50 pm

Anna Van Mullem

Oct 01 at 15:29 pm
Met lena Jack mama otto en Mémé

Veronique Huntjens

Sep 17 at 19:00 pm

Jess Banphrioteri

Aug 14 at 22:31 pm

Stephanie Kraewinkels

Jul 28 at 12:25 pm
La ville d'amour!

Bach Van

Jul 28 at 08:28 am
Several times.

Mane Papyan

Jun 10 at 03:34 am
So so

Astrid Smit

May 24 at 23:37 pm
Paris go! No succes 1/10 recommend

Gul Gulseven

May 23 at 22:13 pm
with my chemistry class

Gul Gulseven

May 23 at 22:13 pm
with my chemistry class

Sandra v. d. Linde

May 01 at 10:47 am

Kim Funnell

Apr 28 at 22:52 pm
cintiki tour with my sister

Vanja Brakel

Apr 28 at 22:01 pm
Fredje en de kindjes

slim shady

Apr 28 at 18:33 pm
Best holiday ever

Tamara Riederer

Apr 19 at 17:25 pm
Silvester mit Jessy

Robert de Saint-Loup

Apr 15 at 01:21 am
It seemed so unbelievable and now I'm living here as if I had been here all my life.

Lucy Hodgson

Apr 10 at 23:26 pm
Visiting Paris with my one true love- amazing

ayla bakker

Mar 30 at 19:55 pm
This was on my birthday! It was wonderful

Aisha Hamann

Mar 26 at 09:30 am
We went with somw of my german-speaking classmates and it is when me and Zoe actually started to bond with Hanna. Great Memories

Siru Wallin

Mar 24 at 03:44 am
Done that!

Lizzie Whalen

Mar 20 at 15:00 pm
we sat on a bus all night and woke up to visit the eiffle tower

Stephie Devlin

Mar 19 at 18:08 pm
went 2011 and when I was a kid

Tamara Berends

Mar 13 at 02:01 am
First time in France.

marianikol100 .

Mar 12 at 21:15 pm
And Lille Belgium amsterdam

Guilherme Borges

Mar 12 at 16:51 pm
20 hours of airport connection

Birgit Lardinois

Mar 10 at 00:47 am
Paris with mom and dad

Shannon Frederick

Mar 08 at 03:05 am
2010 2014 2016

mellanie mol

Feb 20 at 19:57 pm
loved it 3 days

Joy Hindse Pedersen

Feb 17 at 17:05 pm
such a beautiful city

Julia Eriksson

Feb 17 at 11:39 am

Ади К.

Feb 16 at 22:40 pm

Sweet Lady

Feb 13 at 02:39 am
That was great !

Karinee S

Jan 27 at 09:16 am

ine verbrugge

Jan 24 at 21:32 pm

Sara Concini

Jan 24 at 23:58 pm
Con mamma e papà

Sara Concini

Jan 24 at 23:58 pm
Con mamma e papà

Gizem Yılmaz

Jan 24 at 20:40 pm

merel Melanie

Jan 24 at 13:21 pm
avec Arthur et plus tard avec Cathy

Joana Martins

Jan 22 at 14:41 pm
Paris Always

Charlie De Bonis

Jan 20 at 02:20 am

Lauren Edwards

Jan 17 at 02:10 am
Geography school trip in Year 9

Ollie Martin

Jan 14 at 09:55 am
I took Carly for her birthday

Clarissa Russell

Jan 13 at 23:35 pm
crazy road trip destination

Lotte Mabesoone

Jan 09 at 14:27 pm

Calunii Almeida

Dec 31 at 11:36 am
school trip

Kathy Camacho

Dec 31 at 08:06 am
summer vacays

hanneke vdwolfgunnink

Dec 30 at 21:40 pm
holiday with parents

Kayligh Nooyens

Dec 28 at 22:11 pm
Lovely city

Emma Dane

Dec 28 at 21:24 pm

Camryn Parks

Dec 17 at 12:21 pm


Dec 04 at 08:42 am
Study abroad