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Visit Overlook Mountain House



A once grand hotel is being retaken by the wilderness it once capitalized on.

From the 1820s through the 1920s, New York’s Catskills region was the premier resort destination in America. Romantic painters and poets flocked to the unspoiled and inspiring landscapes, and wealthy American tourists soon followed suit. Resorts and magnificent hotels popped up all across the scenic mountain region. One of the foremost of these resorts was the first-class Overlook Mountain House, built in 1833 to capitalize on the stunning views from the top of Overlook Mountain.

Like nearly all of the grand hotels and resorts from the area’s boom times, the Overlook Mountain House eventually fell into ruin (after a number of fires and rebuilds), and today the concrete skeleton rises out of the overgrown woods. Many walls, windows, architectural details, a fountain, and even a fireplace and curving staircase still survive in the eerie structure.

Hikers and explorers looking to experience some modern ruins will find what they seek in abundance in this beautifully rotting hotel.