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Visit Ochopee Post Office



The smallest post office in the United States is no bigger than a broom closet.

Previously located inside the local general store, the post office was moved into its current home after the store burnt down in 1953. The small shed that houses the postal outpost was actually a storage closet for irrigation pipes before it was pressed into service as a post office. While the general store was never rebuilt, the small office has been more than sufficient for the infinitesimally small local population, last thought to hover around 11 souls. While full service, the Ochopee post office is simply a 7x8 shack with a cramped counter and mail slots on the back wall and a single fluorescent light to illuminate the space.

Despite the tiny population of Ochopee, America’s post office is actually the postal hub for people within an area of over 130 miles around the Everglades-based mailroom. Many of these customers are members of the Miccosukee and Seminole tribes.