• The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes. Marcel Proust

Visit Nicragua



Nicaragua is a country in Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Costa Rica and Honduras. Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America.

Nicaragua covers a total area of 130,370 square kilometers (119,990 square kilometers of which is land area) and contains a variety of climates and terrains.

So if you are looking for a backpacking adventure, or do you just want to find a new exotic escape?

Check out Nicaragua - not only one of today's cheapest travel destinations - but also a country of colonial architecture, volcanic landscape and warm-hearted locals.

Here are some interesting things to see and do in this tropical hotspot.

Volcano board down Cerro Negro

Join the ranks of adrenaline junkies armed with plywood boards who hike up the 1,600-foot volcanic slope of Cerro Negro (Black Hill) just outside of León and hurtle down on volcano boards at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

Walk on the roof of León Cathedral

Climb up the bell tower and go barefoot onto the white-domed roof of León Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll be able to see the whole of León’s glorious cityscape, as well as the ominous peak of San Cristóbal in the distance.

Eat Nicarguan street food

When it comes to local food, you won’t do better than the street vendors who fill the town squares at dusk with carts of steaming snacks. Look out for pupusas (small, handmade corn tortillas), nactamale (steamed dough stuffed with meat) and indio viejo (a traditional tomato and orange stew).

Amble through Granada

While ambling through the streets of Granada, take the chance to soak up the beauty of old churches and colonial houses. Pause for thought in a street side café and order a cup of Nicaragua’s organic, shade-grown coffee and enjoy the robust aromas while the world passes by.