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Medical and Zoological Curiosities for Sale.

Ever thought you needed a stuffed albino peacock to add to your decor? Or are you in the market for some Victorian bone saws? Necromance has both along with many other medical and zoological oddities.

Opened in 1991, Necromance is a seller of oddities and curiosities. It has a large selection of preserved insects and skeleton animal remains along with glass eyes, bone saws, vintage cat gut sutures and freeze dried bats.

The curiosities couldn’t be contained in one location, so it is split into two locations, just a couple doors apart. First up is the natural specimen shop selling preserved bugs, vintage taxidermy, assorted animal bones, as well as zoological prints. A couple doors down, you’ll find all of the medical antiques, macabre books, and skull emblazoned items that you’ll ever desire.