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Visit Morocco, Africa




The Rif Mountains, High Atlas Mountains, Middle Atlas Mountains and Anti-Atlas Mountains all fight for attention from trekking enthusiasts. Located in the northern portion of Morocco, the Rif Mountains’ peaks may not be as high as those in the High Atlas Mountains, but they are covered with forests and caves. The Middle and Anti-Atlas Mountains are not as heavily visited as the High Atlas, so they offer a quieter, more personal experience with nature.


With beaches lining both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, there is no shortage of seaside relaxation. The Mediterranean coast has rockier beaches; the sea is also rougher and many people choose not to swim from here, but the views are beautiful. Families with children may want to consider visiting the beaches along Agadir or Casablanca.

The Imperial Cities

Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat and Meknes have all, at some point in history, been the capital of Morocco. These cities have palaces, churches, mosques and museums that provide a glimpse into Morocco’s history. The medinas in these cities can be crowded and confusing and many people hire a tour guide to ensure they hit the highlights without being overwhelmed by the vendors selling goods.


Riads are traditional houses or palaces that have interior gardens. Today, many riads have been turned into hotels. Even if you have accommodations, make a point to take a look at some of the grander riads, which have splendid architecture.

The Desert

South of the Anti-Atlas Mountains is the Sahara Desert where you can also take a camel tour, which is best explored via a 4×4 tour or camel ride. The quad tours quickly take you over the sandy roads through the desert villages while the slower, more leisurely camel ride allows you to appreciate the details of the desert. If you choose to camp in the desert, expect to fall asleep below an expansive starry sky and wake up to a stunning desert sunrise.


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Visit d this beautiful country in September 2016.. yet to visit it again

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2016 with Dodi

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I have been to morocco last year it is a great Place to go to . When the night begins you need to go see the beach it's very cosy out there at night

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