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Tiny museum housed in a New York freight elevator specializes in the "overlooked, dismissed, or ignored."

Mmuseumm is a curated display of artifacts housed in a freight elevator.

This tiny space features rotating and permanent collections, specializing in the “overlooked, dismissed, or ignored.” Museum offers a unique opportunity to engage with familiar and exotic everyday objects from around the world. Past exhibitions include Personal Possessions found in the Pacific, Paper Works found in Copying Machines, and Homemade Weapons of Defense.

Created by filmmakers Alex Kalman and Benny and Josh Safdie, and sponsored by Kate Spade (and Andy and Bea Spade) of the purse empire, among the unusual objects featured in the museum are the shoe thrown at George W. Bush at the Minister’s Palace in Baghdad, a hot water coil heater from Kaunus, Lithuania, and a plastic glove from Paradise Valley, Montana.

Visitors may call an 800 number to access a free audio guide. The museum fits three at a time.