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Visit Missouri Caves



Are you a cave explorer? Did you know there are more than 6,400 known caves in Missouri? It's true; it's one of the chief reasons Missouri – which is best known as the "Show-Me State" – also is known as "The Cave State."

Many of the caves in Missouri are small and not open for public tours or exploration. Still, there are plenty of places to enjoy Missouri's underground and you can learn about the state's hidden history at one of Missouri's show caves.

Because caves offer the experience of total darkness, are cool and often damp, and home to animal life (including bats) it's fairly common for people to have some hesitation about exploring these underground treasures on their own.

But the show caves in Missouri are some of the safest in the nation; they are inspected at least once, if not twice, annually by the Missouri Department of Labor.

The Show Caves in Missouri offer everything from unsolved mysteries to a connection with literary figures such as Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn (in five of his books, Mark Twain wrote about the cave that now bears his name).


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