• The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes. Marcel Proust

Visit Makarska, Croatia



Makarska Croatia is a resort town in central Dalmatia. Makarska, in Frank’s opinion, had all the qualities, to be one of the top destinations in Croatia. In a way, it is exactly that, but in a completely opposite way I would like it to be. Makarska is a small town with beautiful beaches. But it is a tourist nightmare in my opinion: too many people, crowded beaches, traffic jams, lack of parking, to mention just few. However, thousands of people come to this town every year for vacation.

If you like buzzing beaches, hustle and bustle of a vibrant summer resort, this is a nice place to spend a vacation. Its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear sea, mountainous inland, and short hop to the nearby islands are all great reasons to visit this tourist resort.

A beautiful seafront town greets you the moment you arrive in Makarska. The old town is built around a naturally protected bay, whilst the magnificent Biokovo mountains create a real contrast and a dramatic back drop.

At the end of the 15th century, Makarska was controlled by the Ottomans and the town became an important administrative centre until it was returned to the Venetians and subsequently the Austrians. Between 1805-1815 the town was under French rule during which Makarska experienced cultural, social and economic development. The baroque church of St.Mark and the town houses are some of the most visited locations in the old town. Its palm lined seafront promenade and small cafés create a real holiday atmosphere day and night.

Makarska is the centre of the Makarska Riviera, which stretches for 60 km between the towns of Brela and Gradac. It has more than 2750 sun hours a year and from July to September the air temperature is above 20C. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Croatian coast, because of its nature and climate; its richness in tourist attractions and its friendly hosts. It is also famous for its 2km long sandy beaches. The city, which lies on the southern edge of Biokovo, is seen from Biokovo as an amazing bay with tiny little houses placed in rows around it.